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Product Group: 01028, Rugby
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Budget Rugby Goals Galvanised 5.75m

Heavy-duty 75mm OD round galvanised steel uprights and 60mm OD round galvanised steel crossbars, complete with special bolt-together crossbar fittings. Ideal for schools and junior clubs. Can be set directly into ground or installed with sleeves. Sleeves are included.

2511.30 PR      
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Budget Rugby Goals Powder Coated 5.75m

Same as RUG100 but finished in white powder-coated polyester. Can be set directly into ground or installed with sleeves (included). For W33 wind rated areas only.

3191.10 PR      


Deluxe H design Rugby Goals 9 metre

Galvanised round steel finished in durable white powder-coated polyester. Uprights taper from 75mm down to 60mm with special flange fittings supplied. Crossbars are heavy-duty 60mm OD round steel. Supplied in kit form. Ideal for schools or clubs. SLEEVES AND CAGES INCLUDED for W33 wind rated areas only.

4815.80 PR      


Deluxe H Design Rugby Goals W41

Same as RUG102 but 89mm OD stepped to 76mm at top For Wind Rating 41 Areas

6107.20 PR      
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Deluxe H Design Rugby Goals 9m - W50
for wind rating W50

Same as RUG102 above but designed with heavier wall uprights for wind rating of W50. Sleeves and cages included in price.

7241.30 PR      
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Aluminium Rugby Goals 6.75 Metres
Sleeves included

Uprights made from lightweight heavy-wall 118x103mm high tensile grade aluminium, powder-coated in durable white polyester. Crossbars are heavy duty 100x50mm RHS steel, powder-coated. Supplied in kit form. Construction formwork sleeves included. For schools or clubs. Sleeves and Upright Support Included.

6070.90 PR      
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Powder Coated Alloy Goals 9m

RUG104AL 9m high Professionally tapered Aluminium Rugby Goals,goals taper from 100mm at base to 56mm at top...Crossbars are manufactured from 100mm x 50mm x 3mm wall RHS Aluminium,all in white powder coated finish,ground sleeves and steel stiffners included. (Reinforcing Cages extra)

5846.50 PR      


Deluxe 'H' Rugby Goals 12 Metre
Sleeves and cages included

Goal uprights taper from 115mm OD to 60mm OD. Crossbars are 75mm OD heavy-duty round galvanised steel. Special fittings are supplied to support crossbars. Powder-coated in durable white finish. All steel reinforcing cages, construction formwork sleeves and taper locks are included. Engineer-designed. Ideal for club, school or professional use. For W33 or W41 wind rated areas.

9447.90 PR      
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Powder Coated Alloy Goals 12m

Aluminium Rugby Goals Deluxe "H" design 12m professional. Tapering from 125mm at base to 56mm at top.100MM x 50mm x 3mm wall aluminium Crossbars. All powdercoated white .Sleeves and steel stiffners included. (Cages extra)

10612.80 PR      


Deluxe 'H' Rugby Goals 12 Metre W50

as RUG105 but with heavier wall high tensile uprights. Sleeves and cages included. For W50 or lower wind rated areas.

12310.10 PR      


Combination Rugby/Soccer Goals

The ideal solution when both rugby and soccer are played on the same field. All products used in this system are hot dipped galvanised and powder coated in white durable polyester. Rugby Uprights are 3.5m long and made from 60mm OD pipe. Main crossbars are 7.2m long and made from 60mm OD pipe. Webs are made from 27mm OD pipe. Main soccer goal uprights are made from 76mm OD pipe. Supplied with cages and sleeves to make goals removable and special T-Fittings which make assembly very simple. Supplied in kit form. Suitable for Clubs, schools and council parks. Rated W41.

6683.60 PR      


Combination Rugby/Soccer Goals W50

Same as RUG107 but for areas with wind rating of W50.

6889.30 PR      
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Deluxe "H" design 16m Steel Rugby Goals

17816.70 PR      
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Sleeves to Suit Rugby Goals (Set of 4)
Suits RUG 100,101,102

Heavy-duty galvanised steel construction sleeves to suit RUG100, RUG101 and RUG 102.

431.20 EA      
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