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Product Group: 010611, Floor Areas and Strips
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Floor Strip Trolley

For transporting rolled floor stips. Two trolleys with 100mm wheels with cross bar.

535.00 EA      


Floor Area - Club 13x13m

Complete club floor, similar to A8-566 but smaller floor area and smaller tapered surround.

44817.00 EA      


Floor Area - Competition 14x14m

Complete competition floor similar to A8-565 but with touch tape on top of carpet.

55186.00 EA      


Floor Area - Olympic/FIG 14x14m

Complete international floor. Carpeted floor area with touch tape under carpet, underlay, touch tape border, spring floor, tapered surround and skirting.

63152.00 EA      


Touch Tape - White 13m (50mm) x4

Four rolls of white touch tape 50mm wide. Used to define the performance area of RSG floors.

273.00 EA      


Floor - Rythmic, Spring Timber Floor
And Carpet, Olympic/FIG

13000x13000mm tape border defines the performance area.

60486.00 EA      


Floor - RG 14 x 14m x10mm
With Touch Tape A8-124 & A8-570

Floor consisting of: floor strips A8-122, touch tape and touch tape border.

17382.00 EA      


Spring Floor - Resilient Foam Block

Floor sections, floor joining strips, floor corner connector and floor edge connector.

16917.00 EA      


Spring Floor Section - Resilient Foam
Block 2400x1200mm

Timber panel with foam blocks and holes drilled for corner connectors. joining strips A8-573 or A8-574 and connectors A8-575 or A8-576 ordered separately.

260.00 EA      


Spring Floor Joining Strip 1060mm

'H' Section supports the joints between the short side of floor sections.

22.00 EA      


Spring Floor Joining Strip 2260mm

'H' section supports the joints between the long sides of floor sections.

45.00 EA      


Spring Floor Section Corner Connector

30.00 EA      


Spring Floor Section Connector

21.00 EA      


Spring Floor Section Resilient Foam
Block Conversion Kit

Resilient foam blocks used to covert existing spring floor sections 2400x1200mm to foam blocks is included. Joining strips and connectors ordered separately.

109.00 EA      

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