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Product Group: 010614, Uneven Bars
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Uneven Bars - Width Adjusters, FIG

Width adjustments to F.I.G. dimensions.

363.00 EA      


Uneven Bars - Cable Tightener

Slide tensioner made from heavy webbing.

14.30 EA      


Uneven Bar - Cable, Pulley & Chain

Four required for A9-121. Plastic coated cable.

200.20 EA      


Uneven Bar Cable Padding (Set Of 4)

Carpeted padding wraps around the cables. Touch tape fastening.

300.30 EA      


Replacement Rail - Uneven Bar
Fibreglass, Fixed

Fibreglass section with thin timber veneer bonded to the surface. Fabricated steel end fittings with hole, are riveted to the fibreglass. Length: 2400mm. Size: 40mmD.

662.20 EA      


Uneven Bar Tensioner/Indicator
With Cables, Pulleys & Chains

Includes the complete set of two tensioner/indicators A9-119 and for cables, pulleys and chains. Used to upgrade existing uneven bar system to include the tensioner/indicator.

1464.10 EA      


Uneven Bar Tensioner/Indicator

Unique Acromat system. Increase or decrease tension on the cables by rotating the handle. Scale indicates the load on the cable. WARNING - not to be used with cable and pulley systems made before January 2001.

339.90 EA      


Uneven Bars - Fibreglass Rails Olympic
FIG Approved

Rails A9-113 fibreglass, are fixed to the uprights with bolts. Height and width of rails are adjustable without changing cables. Adjust height by releasing load on tension indicator A9-119 fitted to cables and releasing spring-loaded pins. Width adjustment is controlled by Acromat patented slide system between rails. This incorporates a measure device. Steel bases with transport wheels have support pivots for chromed tubular uprights. Plastic coated cables connect to top of outer uprights. Floor plates must be ordered separately.

5465.90 EA      


Uneven Bars - Fibreglass Rails

Same as A9-120 but cable system has webbing cable tensioners and rails A9-13 are removable.

4628.80 EA      


Uneven Bars - Superwood Rails

Same as A9-121 but superwood rails A9-54.

3930.30 EA      


Uneven Bars - Wall Hinged, Fibreglass

Same height and width adjusting system as A9-121 but with one side hinged from a wall. Wall bracket supplied for storage against the wall. Ideal system to save space. Set up can be completed quickly and easily with one person. Floor plates A6-1 are included.

5404.30 EA      


Uneven Bar Wall Hinged Steelwork

Used to convert free-standing uneven bars to wall hinged.

453.20 EA      


Replacement Rail - Uneven Bar
Fibreglass, Removeable

Similar to A9-113 but end fittings with pin to suit A9-121.

678.70 EA      


Uneven Bars - Wall Hinged
Superwood Rails

Similar to A9-123 but with superwood rails.

4810.30 EA      


Replacement Rail - Uneven Bar Round

Conforms to F.I.G. dimensions. Thin European Beech veneers are laminated under extreme heat and pressure to produce superwood. Safety galvanised steel cable inserted into the timber rail fitted with steel end fittings.

568.70 EA      


Uneven Bar Rail Pad 400mm Long

High density foam with vinyl cover and touch tape joining. Size: 90mmOD x 50mmID x 400mm long.

106.70 EA      
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