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Product Group: 0519, Targets
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EVA Foam Archery Target

Size: 1000x1000x30mm Two boards are used with two spacers (051998) & a target stand (051997). Suits 80cm Target Face (051954)

29.95 EA      


120 x 120 x 5cm Archery Backboard

Compressed straw inner & cardboard outers. Size: 1200x1187x50mm. Weight varies: approx 25 kgs. Use Metal Archery Easel - Heavy Duty (051975F).

91.75 EA      


Rolled Foam 122cm Archery Target

150mm thick Rolled Coloured Foam, no need to ever buy target faces again. Replaceable Centre. Long wearing, environmentally friendly. Foam construction makes this target very arrow friendly and makes removing arrows a simple task. Use with metal or wooden archery easel.

880.00 EA      


Archery Target Spacer

A pair of Archery Target Spacers are used to separate & hang two EVA Foam Archery Targets (051911) on an Archery Target Stand (051997). Sold individually with bolts and washers included.

9.95 EA      


Elastic Strap 120cm

Can be used to help secure 120 x 120 x 5cm Archery Backboard (051911) to Metal Archery Easel - Heavy Duty (051975F).

10.85 EA      

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