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Product Group: 0885, Stopwatches
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WOS 103 Sports Stopwatch

Time out & Split Features, measures up to 24hrs in 1/100th second.

12.30 EA      


WOS 302 16 Memory Stopwatch

Chronograph with 1/100 second digit. Time count up to 9hr 59min 59sec. 16 Recallable split memories. Count down timer with 1/10sec resolution. Pacer for chronograph settable from 30 to 180 beats per second. Comes with protective carry pouch.

29.95 EA      


WOS 500 100 Memory Stopwatch

Triple line extra large display. 1/100sec up to 10 hours. Times 99 splits and laps with counter indication. Recall first 100 memory on splits and laps. Time of day date and year. Stroke/Frequency measurement based on 3-60. Sound touch buttons. Lithium battery. Water resistant structure. Uses battery 088576. Comes with protective carry pouch.

58.50 EA      


Seiko 100 Split Sports Stopwatch

Measurable up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second Displays split time, lap time, lap time in progress Displays up to 999 split / lap times Store and recall of up to 100 split / lap times Memory recalled after or even during the measurement by easier button operation Two separate displays for split / total time, lap / total time, and lap / lap time in progress Time and full automatic calendar Battery life indicator 5-bar water resistant Automatic shut off function to save a battery power On / off confirmation sound for button operation

193.50 EA      


Seiko Interval Training Stopwatch

Measures up to and recalls 100 hours in 1/100 second increments. Has capacity for 999 laps and 999 splits. 100 laps/splits memory.

222.50 EA      


Seiko 10BAR Aquatic Stopwatch

Large-sized three row display panel for split/lap and total time Dual memory mode * Single memory mode --- Up to 300 split or lap times can be stored and recalled either during or after measurement. * Block memory mode --- A sequence of measurement data obtained from race start to finish is recorded as a block. Up to 100 blocks of data can be stored in memory without deleting the previous data (memory segregated by event) Measurable up to 10 hours in 1/100 of a second Measures and stores strokes per minute for events such as swimming and rowing and stores up to 9 data Memory recall during operation ID No. function useful for keeping the data of individual users Battery life indicator.

409.30 EA      


Digi DT810 Stopwatch with Printer

2000 memories - Segregated memory (capability to memorize LAP times of different races) - User Selectable LAP/SPLIT or LAP/SPEED display - Average and best lap time display - Automatic release of LAP time after 10 seconds to allow progress monitoring - Data can be printed at operation or selectively by race later - Data can be uploaded to computer through upload cable with software (cable and software optional) Not suitable for Multi Lane timing - see product 088539

420.00 EA      


Seiko S149 Printing Stopwatch

Measures up to & recalls 10hrs in 1/100th sec. Stores up to 300 lap times and split times. Includes thermal printer for printing of saved data.

730.00 EA      


Seiko Large Paper Holder

Optional paper holder to allow use of large paper rolls with Seiko printing stopwatch.

120.00 EA      

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