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Official Line Up Sheet Pad

25 game carbonised line up sheet pad in quadruplicate. Has provision for 9 in starting line up, pitcher and players.

7.40 EA      


QLD Softball Association Scorebook

25 game scorebook with provision for 10 batters and 10 innings at each game. Detailed explanatory notes at the start of the book. Statistical summary and explanatory notes also included.

8.85 EA      


Reliance Baseball Softball Scorebook

25 game scorebook with provision for 12 batters and 11 innings at each game. Explanatory notes at the beginning of the book. Statistical summary is available at end of book for collation of individual player statistics.

10.60 EA      


ABF Official Baseball Scorebook

35 game scorebook with provision for 9 batters and 11 innings at each game. Legend and explanatory notes at the start of book.

20.65 EA      


Baseball Rule Book

Baseball rule book incorporating by-laws of the IBA, IBLA & ABF.

11.80 EA      


Coaching Youth Baseball

ASEP, America's number one coaching education program, developed Coaching Youth Baseball to provide you with both an explanation of your role as a youth baseball coach and concrete instructions on how to fulfill that role. You will find chapters on communicating with your athletes and their parents, teaching and developing baseball skills, creating season plans and conducting practices, and coaching in game situations.

26.55 EA      


Coaching Baseball Successfully

This book shows you how to build your own championship team through anecdotes and instruction. The book addresses how to succeed in every situation on the diamond, in the dugout, and it communicating away from the ballpark. Includes information about: bunting, baserunning, hitting, offensive strategies, defensive techniques at each position, defensive strategies, and pitching.

32.15 EA      


Steps To Success - Softball

This book covers every facet of offence and defence as well as pitching techniques. A complete guide to every basic to intermediate softball skill.

40.20 EA      


Steps To Success - Baseball

Drawing on more than 76 self-improvement and practice drills that include skills broken down to their most basic techniques, youll be a threat every time you step to the plate or take the mound. Baseball: Steps to Success leaves no area of the game uncovered.

36.20 EA      

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