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Product Group: 3915, Wall Bars
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WOS Gym Wall Bars Pad

Designed for use with Wall Bars, mat attaches to preferred rung and supports back while leg lift exercises are performed. Covered foam with touch tape fasteners. Size 150cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 5cm (D).

112.90 EA      


Wall Bar - Fixed 2 Section 2400x1520mm

1138.50 EA      


Wall Bar - Horizontal Rope Attatchment

Climbing rope with clamp and large rubber covered shackles at each end is tensioned between wall bar panels.

276.10 EA      


Wall Bar- Horizontal Tube Ladder Attatch

Steel tubular ladder with hooks at each end, 710mm wide with 22mm diameter rungs at 300mm spacing for easy grip for small children. Length: 2400mm or made to suit wall bar panel spacing.

760.10 EA      


Wall Bar - Fixed 1 Section 2400x760mm

678.70 EA      


Wall Bar - Cross Bar & 4 Climbing Ropes

The 50mm square steel RHS is connected between adjacent panels. Four climbing ropes A5-1 are attatched ont he cross bar and can be moved to any position.

812.90 EA      


Wall Bar- Hinged 2 Panel Set 3600x2300mm

Similar to A14-5 but with 4 vertical stiles per panel.

4603.50 EA      


Wall Bar- Fixed 3 Section 2400x2335mm

1542.20 EA      


Wall Bar- Fixed 4 Section 2400x3095mm

Rungs at 150mm spacing. Top bracket is fixed to the wall and supports a top rung chinning bar 95mm in front of the panel. The bottom is fixed to the floor.

2042.70 EA      


Wall Bar- Fixed 5 Section 2400x3855mm

2428.80 EA      


Wall Bar- Fixed 6 Section 2400x4615mm

2847.90 EA      


Wall Bar- Hinged 2 Panel Set 3600x3000mm

Bottom hinge is fixed to floor and top hinge to wall. Top of panels are held by toggle tensioner system and cable fixed to the wall leaving the floor area clear. Bottoms of the stiles are fitted with non-marking polyurethane wheels. Padbolts locate in floor plates A6-7. Stored depth: 165mm.

4962.10 EA      
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Rings - Attatched To Crossbar

Rings A10-2 with adjustable straps, cables and swivels.

631.40 EA      
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Trapeze Bar - Attatched To Crossbar

Trapeze with adjustable straps A10-48 and cables.

489.50 EA      


Ladder - Attatched To Crossbar

Ladder with 300mm rung spacing.

678.70 EA      


Rope - Knotted, Attatched To Crossbar

Makes climbing easier for smaller children.

291.50 EA      


Wall Bar- Hinged 1 Panel Set 3600x2300mm

Similar to A14-4 but one panel only.

2532.20 EA      


Wall Bar- Hinged 1 Panel Set 3600x3000mm

Similar to A14-5 but one panel only.

2710.40 EA      
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Wall Bar - Ladder Attatchment

Webbing 50mm wide with timber rungs at 300mm centres. One end is fitted with safety hooks. At the other end the hooks are tied to ropes to suit width of wall bars.

785.40 EA      


Wall Bar Swedish Beam Attachment

For balancing or forming part of a circuit for fitness training. Timber beam is bull nosed on one edge with two coats of clear finish. End fittings allow beam to fit to any intersection of stile and rung. Beam size: 120x65mm. Length: to suit wall bar panel spacing.

1240.80 EA      
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