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Product Group: 6390, Target Games
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Foam Bowling Set

Modified ten pin bowling set, with ten weighted foam pins and foam bowling ball. Suitable for indoor play on any level surface. Pins 30cm high

65.90 EA      


Waboba Flyer

The new airsport for all ages. Hit Waboba with your hands, kick it with your feet, even head it; just keep it off the ground. Throw and catch Waboba or hit it with a bat or racquet.

9.95 EA      


Croquet Set

4 player set. Includes 4 knurled mallets with 24" wood handles, 2 x 14" stakes, 4 x 3" polymer colour coded balls, 9 vinyl coated wickets.

39.70 EA      


International Croquet Set

6 player set. Includes 8.5" knurled mallets with 28" wood handles, 2 x 16" stakes, 6 x 3 5/16" polymer colour coded balls, 9 vinyl coated wickets.

81.10 EA      



Traditional hookey game with thirteen hooks in the board each with a score value. Six rubber hookey rings are thrown to go over the hooks and score that value. Endless game combinations. Safe for general use. Board measures 30cm x 30cm.

16.25 EA      


Rope Floor Quoits

Rope floor quoit set includes six rope quoits, floor plate and spindle.

36.75 EA      


Rope Floor Quoits - Quoits Only

Replacement quoits for product code 639052. Sold as a set of six.

32.15 EA      


Rubber Deck Tennis Ring

Rubber deck tennis ring 17cm diameter. Can be used in throwing and catching skills and in modified volleyball games.

2.80 EA      



Set of plastic skittles, includes ten skittles and one ball.

16.15 EA      

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