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Product Group: 7005, Speedminton
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Speedminton School Set - 30 Racquets

30 Racquets, 30 Speeders, 30 Windrings, 2 Easy Courts

1249.00 EA      
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Speedminton School Set - 24 Racquets

24 Racquets, 24 Speeders, 24 Windrings, 2 Easy Courts

1029.00 EA      
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Speedminton School Set - 16 Racquets

16 Racquets, 16 Speeders, 16 Windrings, 2 Easy Courts

699.00 EA      
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Speedminton School Set - 8 Racquets

8 Racquets, 8 Speeders, 8 Windrings, 2 Easy Courts

399.00 EA      


Speedminton Racquet - Junior

Junior speedminton racquet suitable for ages 6 to 12 years.

33.90 EA      


Speedminton Racquet - Senior

Senior entry level speedminton racquet, suitable for school and club play.

33.90 EA      


Speedminton Fun Speeder

Fun Speeder for beginners and short court variations of Speedminton. Ideally suited to indoor use.

3.80 EA      


Speedminton Match Speeder

Match standard Speeder for full court variations of Speedminton. Suitable for use at high schools and clubs.

3.80 EA      


Speedminton Night Speeder

Night Speeder for use with nightlights allows for play at night. Nightlights sold separately.

3.80 EA      


Speedminton Speeder Windring

Weighted ring that is placed on Speeder, allows for play to continue in breezy conditions.

1.60 EA      


Speedminton Speeder Nightlights (x8)

Nightlight sticks for use with Speeders when playing at night, simply snap stick and insert in Speeder to play.

6.40 EA      


Speedminton Easy Court

Play anywhere, webbing boundary lines to mark playing areas.

37.80 EA      
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