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Product Group: 7829, Floatation and Rescue
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Throw Bag with 15m Rope

A specially designed throw bag containing a 15 metre rope with a floating end.

76.95 EA      


10mm Silver Rope

Suitable for double dutch skipping ropes and also as throw rope in the swimming pool for rescue training. Sold by the metre.

0.75 M      


Swim O Armbands

Inflatable O bands for wearing on arms as a flotation aid.

4.70 PR      


Eyeline EVA Foam Back Bubble Float

Soft EVA foam float in four sections with a webbing strap. Foam sections can easily be removed to vary buoyancy. Suits weight range 12 to 22kgs.

14.15 EA      


Wahu Swim Vest

Certified to and complies fully with Australian Standards AS1900. Swimming Aid Vest, not for use in boating. Durable nylon, soft closed foam cell construction. Lightweight & fully adjustable. Ergonomic contoured design ensures unrestricted body movement. 60/40 buoyancy front & back allows normal movement.

42.25 EA      


Standard PFD1 Jacket

PFD 1 buoyancy jacket provides a high level of buoyancy and is designed to maintain the wearer slightly inclined backwards, with mouth and nose well clear of water.

25.30 EA      


Water Noodle

Foam water noodle, measures 147cm(L) x 7cm diameter.

6.40 EA      


1mtr Floatation Bar

1 metre aluminium tube with 2 x 15cm polystyrene floats. Used for flotation drills with one student per Bar.

13.95 EA      


2mtr Floatation Bar

2 metre aluminium tube with 3 x 15 cm polystyrene floats. Used for flotation drills with two students per bar.

22.60 EA      


2000x1000x20mm Swim Mat

Foam swim mat measures 2000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 20mm(D), use as a flotation aid or just for water fun.

50.70 EA      


2000x1000x30mm Swim Mat

Foam swim mat measures 2000mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 30mm(D), use as a flotation aid or just for water fun.

74.60 EA      


65cm PVC Lifebouy

PVC lifebouy 65cm in diameter, for use as rescue aid at swimming pools.

88.30 EA      


Swimming Pool Reach Pole

Extendable reach pole for use in rescue activities.

44.60 EA      
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15m Pool Rescue Throw Rope with Ring

12mm Silver rope with rubber ring attached for pool rescue use. Ring aids in ease of rescue by allowing point of grip.

51.60 EA      


Rescue Tube

Moulded Polyethylene rescue tube. Allows for safe and effective non-contact rescue.

172.15 EA      
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