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Steps To Success - Tennis

117 drills and 128 illustrations help develop your game. Each drill comes with instructions that explain how to improve your practice and play including suggestions for either increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the drill according to your ability level.

25.70 EA      


The Tennis Drill Book

This extensive manual features 245 drills that can be integrated into practice sessions to improve performance in every area of the game including Progressive master every stroke and shot technique drills to help combination, Tactics drills to help winning strategies for aggressive or defensive situations, doubles or singles on any court surface against any style of play. Mental Training drills to help players stay focused during pressure situations. Warm-up, cool down, and conditioning drills designed to increase speed, agility, and endurance. Game based drills to help simulate match play for singles and doubles.

27.30 EA      


Tennis Score Book

Tennis scorebook with 28 pages. Each page has provision for 9 sets.

6.65 EA      
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